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Compassionate Counselling and Mental Health Support in Victoria, BC

I provide individual counselling to help individuals gain insight into their problems, navigate personal challenges, and develop strategies to cope more effectively with personal stressors and interpersonal conflicts. I strive to work collaboratively with clients to develop and help achieve behavioural goals using evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

As a professional art therapist, I approach art therapy with respect, curiosity, compassion, and an open mind, which allows me to challenge and invite clients to discover, explore, and realize the therapeutic benefits of art therapy. I strive to facilitate insight, development of coping skills, and healing so clients can more effectively navigate life's challenges and no longer relive the past. My expertise lies in facilitating these processes for clients, and I am committed to helping them grow and heal through the transformative potential of creative self-expression.


In efforts to ease potential anxieties around the art-making process, including working with art-based media, I emphasize that there are no right or wrongs to creative self-expression and, therefore, one’s artwork. Art therapy is about process, not product. Art is for everyone, it doesn't discriminate.​ Art therapy requires no prior artistic experience - stick figures are welcome!

Following the same practice standards as in-person counselling, online (or virtual) counselling can be an effective therapeutic option for individuals seeking support. I am fully trained and qualified to provide online counselling through video or phone. For online therapy, I use Zoom for Health. While virtual counselling usefully accommodates challenges of mobility and geographic separation, some personal issues may be better served in a face-to-face context. Determining whether virtual counselling adequately meets a person's therapeutic needs is ideally a mutual decision between client and therapist.

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